11-2-10 History Notes

11-2-10 History Notes - 11/2/2010 History 123 Notes World...

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Unformatted text preview: 11/2/2010 History 123 Notes World War I I World War I I started in 1939 with a lot of aggressiveness and fighting beforehand. Albania and Ethiopia were conquered by Italy and Germany sought to undo the treaty from WWI. Military pacts were signed between Germany, I taly and Japan who became the Axis powers (before WWII broke out). Hitler also made claims that “All Germans should live together” and he annexed Austria but no one raised a big fuss since it was a German state. Hitler also looked at the Western Czechoslovakia which was mainly a German population and demanded that the land be turned over to Germany. The British, French and I talian leaders met with Hitler in Munich about Czechoslovakia (who was not represented). They discussed Hitler’s demand and allowed Hitler to take Czechoslovakia if he promised to stop taking land. Hitler agreed and the British and French believed that he was done taking land and thought that they had achieved peace. Shortly after this deal, Hitler took over the rest of Czechoslovakia and his aim to expand was to try and take other countries as well. Britain and France feared that Poland would be the next target. So they guaranteed Poland their freedom and would protect Poland and Russia and get nothing for it. The British and French sent diplomats to sign the alliance with the Soviet Union since the Soviets hated the Germans but Germany also sent their Prime Minister to Russia to sign an alliance. The Soviets signed the Nazi-Soviet pact instead of the ally’s pact. The Nazi-Soviet pact was a nonaggression alliance stating that neither country would go to war with each other. This would allow Hitler to only fight a 1 front war and would divide up the land to annex at the end of the war in Eastern Europe unofficially with Russia. ALLIES: BRITAIN, FRANCE, SOVIET UNION AND US AXIS: GERMANY AND ITALY On Sept 1, 1939, Germany invaded Poland and used blitzkrieg (a military tactic-lightning war) to prevent trench warfare....
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11-2-10 History Notes - 11/2/2010 History 123 Notes World...

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