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11-8-10 History Notes - 11/8/2010 History 123 Notes The...

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11/8/2010 History 123 Notes The Cold War The seeds for the Cold War were being laid before the end of WWII. In the Cold War the Soviets and the US would become enemies, mainly ideological enemies specifically. The US and the Soviets were the prime players by 1945 and were the only 2 nations after WWII that had the economic and military power to force their will on other countries. The traditional powers, Great Britain, France and Germany were not the strongest powers to be reckoned with after WWII. These 2 new powers replacing the old, traditional powers were called the “Superpowers”. In 1945, the Cold War began and lasted until 1991 when the Soviet Union collapsed. It all started with the divide of Germany. Germany was divided into 4 regions/zones of occupation: o US, Britain, France and the Soviets As a result of these divisions, 2 separate countries were created. o Soviet Zone = East Germany o US, British, French Zones = West Germany Berlin, the capital, was also divided up into 4 zones and 2 countries as well. This division occurred in 1949. In 1961, 2.5 people fled from East Germany to West Germany. They would go into the capital, Berlin, where it was the easiest to cross the border and move across the city. Most of the people that fled were professionals and skilled/educated workers.
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This was bad for East Germany and they realized they had a “brain drain” and to ensure that no more people could leave a barrier was built in 1961. This was called the Berlin Wall. The wall started as a barbed wire fence and cinderblock and then became 2 concrete walls with mines, guard towers, traps, etc between the 2 walls. It was a fortified barrier surrounding West Berlin. This wall symbolized the division of Germany and the world during the Cold War. The cold war also spread to almost the whole world and was not just between the 2 superpowers. The Soviet Union touted socialism was the most modern political/economical system of the world. The US was about capitalism and democracy and thought it was the best system.
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11-8-10 History Notes - 11/8/2010 History 123 Notes The...

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