11-9-10 History Notes

11-9-10 History Notes - History 123 Notes Divided Europe...

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11/9/10 History 123 Notes Divided Europe Germany, Korea and Vietnam had been divided as a result of the Cold War and the Soviets and Americans competing against each other in: 1. Nuclear Technology In 1945 the US was the only country in the world with access to a nuclear bomb and they wanted to maintain that status. Operation Alsos was the recruitment of former Nazi scientists. It was a joint British-American operation where the US and British army took German army records and the scientists back to Britain. Here they sequestered the scientists into a farm house which was rigged with bugs to record all conversations between the scientists. The point was to see how much they knew about nuclear bombs or how close they were to building one. Scientists thought they were being listened to so they monitored their own conversations. This made the operation inconclusive and their monopoly on the nuclear bomb only lasted for 4 years before the Soviets had built their own. In 1949, a nuclear bomb had been built based on the Nagasaki bomb and the US was shocked to find a spy for the Soviets in the US nuclear team. The US called it “Joe I” and was shocked when they dropped the bomb in Northern Soviet Union (they found out because a nuclear bomb causes environmental changes which had occurred when the Soviets dropped their bomb). The US thought the Soviets were farther behind on this technology. In 1961, the largest nuclear bomb was built by the Soviets called Ivan (by the Soviets) and Tsar (by the US). The bomb was so massive that it could induce 3 rd degree burns to a person/animal 60 miles away from the drop point.
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The Soviets wanted to rattle the US with these nuclear weapons and their tactics worked. Missile systems/plans for launch between the 2 superpowers threatened to destroy the life on the planet if a nuclear war would have occurred. This caused the “MAD” fury and sent everyone into a frenzy since there was no way to defend against a nuclear attack. The US warned citizens with public announcements like “Duck and Cover” in schools for what to do if they saw the flash from an atomic bomb (techniques like a tornado drill). The 50s and 60s was almost dedicated to teaching citizens what to do in case of an
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11-9-10 History Notes - History 123 Notes Divided Europe...

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