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11-15-10 History Notes - 11/15/2010 History 123 Notes...

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11/15/2010 History 123 Notes Conspiracy Theories and the Mafia CONSPIRACY THEORIES 1. Who supposedly assassinated JFK? A: Lee Harvey Oswald 2. What was the Presidential commission that was formed to investigate the assassination of JFK? A: Warren Commission 3. What is the Air Force Test Center most commonly called? A: Area 51 4. What was the famous UFO incident that presumably occurred? A: Roswell Incident 5. What famous American feat was supposedly staged in Area 51? A: The moon landing in 1969 6. What ally is believed to have been involved in the September 11 attacks? A: Israel JFK Assassination On November 22, 1963 JFK and his wife were in Dallas, Texas for a parade to help gain votes for the 1964 Presidential elections. Texas is a large, longtime republican state and Kennedy was a democrat so they were trying to rally for votes. As John and his wife were riding in a convertible, 3 shots were fired, 2 of which hit Kennedy. He was rushed to the hospital and a couple hours later pronounced dead. Within 1 hour of JFK’s death, Lee Harvey Oswald was arrested for the assassination. As Oswald was being moved from a city to a county jail he was shot and killed by Jack Ruby. The Warren Commission was set up by Lyndon B Johnson to investigate the assassination and concluded that Oswald had acted alone in killing JFK.
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In 1979, the House of Representatives set up their own commission to investigate and came to the conclusion that it was a conspiracy theory and that there was a 2 nd assassin. There are 4 theories that have been developed since: 1. The Cubans did it. There are 2 sides to this theory: o 1. The Cuban exiles were so disgruntled about the Bay of Pigs fiasco that they wanted revenge and their revenge was to kill JFK. This was a weak theory because many of the groups had been infiltrated by the Americans and if any plans to kill JFK were set, the Americans would have known about it. o 2. Castro did it. Since we tried to kill Castro many times and failed, he tried to kill JFK and succeeded. 2. The KGB did it. Oswald had spent several years in the Soviet Union and while he was over there he was recruited by the KGB. Kennedy had embarrassed the Soviet Union with the Cuban Missile Crisis so this was their revenge. If Johnson knew of the KGB involvement, he told the Warren Commission to ignore that information when they were investigating the assassination. This theory is easily falsified because Kennedy and Khrushchev got along and were on good speaking terms. There were no plans to kill Kennedy. 3. The Mob did it.
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11-15-10 History Notes - 11/15/2010 History 123 Notes...

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