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ENGR 131 Section: 002 We chose to attend the Islam 101 lecture on October 21 st . Our reasoning behind this was that neither of us knew much about the Islamic faith besides what we’ve heard from the media and our peers. We also had not had the opportunity to experience much Islamic influence since entering Purdue. A specific example we discussed was the role of Islam in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Geoff had the opinion that religion was not as much of a factor in the attacks and that they had more political motives, whereas Kris thought that behind the terrorist’s political motivations, religion had a large impact on their actions. Geoff believed that religion, no matter how devoted a person is, couldn’t influence them in such a large way. Kris mentioned that sometimes people can be blinded by religion, or others can take advantage of their faith to suggest actions to them. Besides getting to know each other, this was the main topic of discussion before we actually entered the lecture. In this lecture, we were able to learn about a different culture. Besides getting to know and understanding their beliefs, we learned what impact Islam has on the politics of
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CCCD_assignment_ENGR_002_bhasina - ENGR 131 Section: 002 We...

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