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CLASS TOPIC Sections Meeting: Tuesday B061 Thursday B098 Assignments Due Exams 1A Introduction to course; What is engineering? Tuesday, Aug 24 1B Introduction to Teaming Thursday, Aug 26 HW 1 2A Introduction to Design Process; Diversity Tuesday, Aug 31 2B Project Scoping Thursday, Sep 02 HW 2 3A Sustainability Tuesday, Sep 07 3B Introduction to Modeling; Excel Cell Addressing Thursday, Sep 09 HW 3 4A Descriptive Statistics; Histograms Tuesday, Sep 14 4B Statistics using Excel Thursday, Sep 16 HW 4; Project M1 END EXAM 1 CONTENT 5A Modeling in Engineering Tuesday, Sep 21 5B Model Eliciting Activity (MEA) Thursday, Sep 23 HW 5 6A User-Centered Design; Criteria and Constraints Tuesday, Sep 28 6B Peer Review of MEA Thursday, Sep 30 HW 6 7A Concept Generation Tuesday, Oct 05 7B Idea Generation; Receiving Feedback Thursday, Oct 07 HW 7; Project M2 8A Fall Break - No Class Tuesday, Oct 12 8B FYE Advisor visits Thursday, Oct 14 HW 8 9A Needfinding; User-Centered Design Survey Results Tuesday, Oct 19
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