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Project Presentation ENGR 13100 – Fall 2010 Section #: Date: Team # : Grader Name: Names: 1. ___________________ 2. ___________________ 3. ___________________ 4. ___________________ Presentation Goal : Convince the review committee that your team understands the problem, considered a wide range of viable options, and selected the best alternative. Professional (3 points) Good (2 points) Weak (1 point) Missing (0 points) Total 1. System or Problem Scoping & Boundary Justification Presents the broad scope of the problem (i.e., system) and justifies how and why the team identified the system boundaries to focus on. Partially captures the scope of the problem. Justification evidence is either not complete or not relevant There is no problem scoping. Justification is anecdotal with no evidence to back up. There is no problem scoping, boundary decision, or justification 2. Detailing Selected Solution There is a detailed representation of the selected solution (how it works, unique features/strengths, weaknesses/assumptions) There is a representation of the selected solution and how it works but no discussion on
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