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COMMUTER S ENGR 13100- Fall 2010 Request for Proposal (RFP): Engineering Services for the Purdue University, Greater Lafayette the Commuter System of 2020, and i The purpose of this project is to desi Lafayette community, and potential their ability to reduce energy cons transportation . In addition, projects energy consumption and greenhous efficiency and usability of the current Important Note : All inquiries regarding this R Faculty will be the liaisons between the first Resources: Purdue Campus Master Plan Transportation Demand Managem Milestones Description M1 Written Report: Proble M2 Written Report: Criter M3 Written Report: Conce M4 Written Report: Conce Practice Practice Poster Pre Final Proposal Final Written Repo of M1, M2, M3 an Poster Presentatio Deliverables and Evaluation Detailed information regarding the d in the Project folder. Grading Weights are: M1 (10%) M2 (10%) M3 (10%) SYSTEM 2020 August 1 : e Commuter System 2020 e City, and the CityBus are collaboratively init
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