Milestone%201%20Problem- fixed%20Scoping

Milestone%201%20Problem- fixed%20Scoping - Milestone 1...

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Milestone 1 Problem Scoping Section 002 Team 24 Darshit Mehta Connor Ptacin Abhinav Kris Bhasin Anthony Ruberti September 16,2010 1. Current Conditions
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Components of existing system Purdue’s commuter system is very diverse and is depended on to connect the campus(As it can be seen in figure: 1). Within the campus are concentrated areas that overall fulfill a common purpose. The southwest of campus consists of the majority of the residential life and halls. In the southeast there are the majority of research facilities and some academic buildings. In the central and northeast areas are the heart of the university’s academic facilities. Finally, in the north are the sports complexes and some residence halls. Connecting these corridors are State St, University St., and Northwestern Ave that serve as the main routes throughout campus and are high traffic zones in terms of motor vehicles. With such a large campus you will find varying modes of transportation such as walking, cars, buses, bikes, scooters, skateboards, and other two wheeling vehicles. Due to Purdue’s dedication to maintaining a dynamic university, there is constantly construction on upgrading Purdue’s infrastructure. Detours have been put in place to allow pedestrians and cars to pass. All around campus you will find varying sizes of sidewalks and streets such as some larger streets having smaller sidewalks than normal. Within the Purdue
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Milestone%201%20Problem- fixed%20Scoping - Milestone 1...

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