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Date: ____________ Evaluation of Commuter System 2020 Team No. _____ ENGR13100 – Fall 2010 Section No. _____ Team Members: 1. __________________ 2. __________________ 3. __________________ 4. __________________ Written Presentation Rubric *Reminder : Online Writing Lab (owl.purdue.edu) is available for writing help. Visuals should be used. Figures, sketches, and tables need captions and should be explained in the text (See owl.purdue.edu). Written presentation score: __________ Milestone 1 – Problem Scoping Rubric Category Objectives Professional (3 Pts) Acceptable (2 Pts) Needs Improvement (1 pts) Missing (0 pts) 1. Current Conditions The existing system is defined, including: boxshadowdwn Components of existing system are defined boxshadowdwn Boundary conditions of existing system are defined boxshadowdwn Assumptions are clearly stated All 3 boxes are checked 2 boxes are checked 1 box is checked 0 boxes are checked 2. Scope of Work The scope of the project is defined, including: boxshadowdwn Specific components the project will focus on are defined boxshadowdwn Boundary conditions of project are defined boxshadowdwn
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