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Date: ____________ Evaluation of Commuter System 2020 Team No. _____ ENGR13100 – Fall 2010 Section No. _____ Team Members: 1. __________________ 2. __________________ 3. __________________ 4. __________________ Written Presentation Rubric *Reminder : Online Writing Lab ( is available for writing help. Visuals should be used. Figures, sketches, and tables need captions and should be explained in the text (See Written presentation score: __________ Milestone 1 – Problem Scoping Rubric Category Objectives Professional (3 Pts) Acceptable (2 Pts) Needs Improvement (1 pts) Missing (0 pts) 1. Current Conditions The existing system is defined, including: b Components of existing system are defined b Boundary conditions of existing system are defined b Assumptions are clearly stated All 3 boxes are checked 2 boxes are checked 1 box is checked 0 boxes are checked 2. Scope of Work The scope of the project is defined, including: b Specific components the project will focus on are defined
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