DB2 9 Fundamentals exam 730 prep, Part 7 Introducing XQuery

DB2 9 Fundamentals exam 730 prep, Part 7 Introducing XQuery...

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Unformatted text preview: DB2 9 Fundamentals exam 730 prep, Part 7: Introducing XQuery Skill Level: Introductory C. M. Saracco ( saracco@us.ibm.com ) Senior Software Engineer IBM 24 Jul 2006 DB2 9 features support for XQuery, an industry-standard language designed expressly for querying XML data. With XQuery and DB2 9 you can retrieve entire XML documents or XML fragments stored in XML columns. You can also specify XML-based filters for queries, transform XML output, and incorporate conditional logic into queries. This tutorial introduces you to DB2's support of XQuery, explains several basic language concepts, and shows how you can write and execute simple XQueries against XML data stored in DB2. This is the seventh in a series of seven tutorials to help you prepare for the DB2 9 Fundamentals exam 730. Section 1. Before you start To help you prepare for the DB2 certification exams, this tutorial introduces you to XQuery and its support in DB2. You should already be familiar with DB2 V9 and its pureXML support before taking this tutorial. This tutorial focuses on using XQuery to query DB2 XML data. It provides very limited discussion on using SQL/XML (SQL with XML extensions) to query DB2 XML data. For more information on DB2's support for industry-standard SQL/XML functions, see Resources . About this series Thinking about seeking certification on DB2 fundamentals (Exam 730)? If so, you've Introducing XQuery Copyright IBM Corporation 1994, 2008. All rights reserved. Page 1 of 31 come to the right place. This series of seven DB2 certification preparation tutorials covers all the basics -- the topics you'll need to understand before you read the first exam question. Even if you're not planning to seek certification right away, this set of tutorials is a great place to start learning what's new in DB2 9. About this tutorial This tutorial explores basic capabilities of DB2's new XQuery support. It reviews key differences between XQuery and SQL, explores XPath and "FLWOR" expressions, and teaches you how to write simple XQueries over DB2 XML data. This tutorial is for DB2 users who plan to work with XML documents stored in their native hierarchical structures within XML columns of DB2 tables. The material in this tutorial covers XML topics that are addressed in Sections 1, 4, and 5 of the test. You can view these objectives at: http://www-03.ibm.com/certify/tests/obj730.shtml . You should be familiar with basic XML technologies and with DB2's new pureXML support before taking this tutorial. If necessary, consult the Resources for background material. Objectives After completing this tutorial, you should be able to: Understand fundamental XQuery concepts Write simple XQueries using several common expressions Prerequisites This tutorial is for people familiar with basic XML technology and DB2's new support for pureXML storage and data management. You should understand the hierarchical nature of XML documents, the concept of well-formedness, and how elements and attributes may be used. You should also understand how you can store well-formedattributes may be used....
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DB2 9 Fundamentals exam 730 prep, Part 7 Introducing XQuery...

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