ART 101 Capstone Checkpoint Local Arts

ART 101 Capstone Checkpoint Local Arts - If there were more...

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(1) Title: Capstone Checkpoint Local Arts Name: Jordan Miller Course: ART 101 Due Date: Thursday, September 16, 2010 Instructor: Tina LePage
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(2) Unfortunately, where I live there is no kind of arts in my community. I live in a small town in the country and there is not much room for museums or pieces of art. On the other side of the Ohio River floodwall is a very large mural. Even though it is not in this town, it is considered part of this town even though it is technically not. This mural basically depicts a timeline of the history in the surrounding area, including the Underground Railroad that is just up the hill from the floodwall. This artwork is touched up and maintained through donations from citizens and some of the city’s finances. I do not think there is enough representation of fine arts, but taking into consideration where I live, I believe it is sufficient.
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Unformatted text preview: If there were more places for fine art to be placed and viewed, then I would like to see more of it. There is a lot of farm land out here so I do not see the possibility for such things. I have only lived here for a little over a year, so I do not play any role in the creation and support of fine art in this community. To be perfectly honest, I do not believe that the majority of the community would appreciate it as much as I would. I could do some research on the subject and bring it up at town hall meetings. I do believe that even though people in this community may not appreciate it immediately, art is something everyone could learn to enjoy if they took the time to learn about it. Educating people about fine arts is one way to get people involved in creating more places for it in this community....
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ART 101 Capstone Checkpoint Local Arts - If there were more...

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