XECO 212 International Trade Debate

XECO 212 International Trade Debate - other countries. To...

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(1) Title: International Trade Debate Name: Jordan Miller Course: XECO 212 Due Date: Friday, September 10, 2010 Instructor: Eugene Kaufman
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(2) As a citizen of this country, born and raised, I am all for trade restrictions set on international trading. Setting higher tariffs and use of quotas help to put much needed money back into the American economy, thus assisting in the stimulation of the economy. The need for international trade is unavoidable, even though some countries such as China and India have been able to outsource the United States. Outsourcing is a direct result of what can happen without trade restrictions in place. Free trade has been one of the main causes of so many U.S. job losses for many decades. As I see it, a lot of companies like the idea of outsourcing simply as a way to save money on cheap labor from
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Unformatted text preview: other countries. To some, it is all about how much money they can make, and not about how much money citizens lose when they lose their jobs due to outsourcing. While setting higher tariffs may cause some larger multinational companies to stop some of their trading over higher taxes and quotas these companies, this reduces some of the competition, allowing for smaller companies to remain while providing jobs for those people all at once. This idea is basically a trade off on its own and is actually kind of ironic. One other advantage of higher tariffs is that the prices of imported goods will become higher. This will typically cause people to opt for local products instead which will also help to stimulate local economies....
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XECO 212 International Trade Debate - other countries. To...

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