XECO 212 International Trade Simulation

XECO 212 International Trade Simulation - (1 Title...

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(1) Title: International Trade Simulation Name: Jordan Miller Course: XECO 212 Due Date: Sunday, September 12, 2010 Instructor: Eugene Kaufman
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(2) In order for some countries to avoid living in isolation and desolation, other countries with better means and advancements, must trade or share technological information, goods, and services with lesser developed countries. Part of stimulating a countries economic growth is the ability of a country to evaluate the resources and needs of the citizens and country alike. This need for technology, goods, and services is not limited to underdeveloped countries however. The need for international trading is in every country around the world. Some trade simply to save money on cheaper goods and services, while some trade for things that are hard to find or simply cannot get in their own country. Trading is also prevalent on a local level not just internationally. On a local level, citizens trade amongst themselves and local business for personal consumption and finances. Local trading satisfies citizens’ needs for goods, services, and finances, as well as stimulating the local economy by recycling the money and products throughout their own local area. On the international level, the government of a country will typically play a major part in the selling of products by international sellers. This simulation places me in the shoes of the advisor to the President of Rodamia. It is my job to make recommendations to the President regarding international trade with the neighboring countries Suntize, Uthania, and Alfazia. The recommendations include which country needs what regarding exported and imported goods and services, as well as Rodamia’s own needs both
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XECO 212 International Trade Simulation - (1 Title...

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