BUS210 Appendix B Assignment

BUS210 Appendix B Assignment - operations, including sales,...

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Axia College Material Appendix B Roles and Behaviors Description of Company My company is a restaurant. This restaurant is a family oriented establishment that includes a full bar and televisions available throughout the building. An abundant adult and children’s menu offer many options for the entire family. Roles and Behaviors Entrepreneurs As an entrepreneur, the role and responsibility is to assume accountability for the risks and outcome of a business or enterprise, as well as managing and organizing said business. Managers A manager is a person or persons who manage the work of others in order to run a business efficiently. The manager should have knowledge of effective business
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Unformatted text preview: operations, including sales, marketing, research, public relations, statistics, economics and daily operations based on the nature of the business. Employees An employee is a person who is hired to provide services to a company and assist in running daily operations of a particular business. BUS 210 What behaviors and attitudes should be cultivated in your organization? The type of attitude and behavior that would be cultivated in my organization would be, hard work, dedication, following rules, and proper effective communication with other employees, management, and customers. BUS 210...
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BUS210 Appendix B Assignment - operations, including sales,...

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