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COM220 Appendix E Assignment

COM220 Appendix E Assignment - Axia College Material...

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Axia College Material Appendix E Quoting, Summarizing, and Paraphrasing Sources Summarize: Be brief. Reflect key facts or ideas. Help readers understand context. Do not insert personal views. Write in your own words, except for quotations. The summary of this article is about how new parents learn to deal with having a newborn baby and how new parents learn to cope with dealing with a newborn and when the time comes; returning to work and balancing the two. Marshall, N., & Tracy, A.. (2009). After the Baby: Work- Family Conflict and Working Mothers' Psychological Health. Family Relations, 58(4), 380-391. Retrieved March 13, 2010, from Research Library. (Document ID: 1895163451). Paraphrase: Use details. Reflect the structure of the source. Reflect the ideas of the original author. This article gives examples of three children, each a different age, who have thrived with the absence of one parent that abandoned the child. All three children have been com220r3
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Do not insert personal views.
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