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ETH 125 Capstone checkpoint

ETH 125 Capstone checkpoint - be considered minorities any...

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I have a greater understanding of the different types there are of particular minorities. For example, I never knew the differences in Hispanic races, other than the regions they are from. What I have learned is that not all Hispanics are the same. They have many different cultural beliefs and practices as well as some that are the same. They are individual groups within a single minority, just like Asians. I did not learn anything specific about my own cultural history. I did not do any research on that particular subject. I am however very interested to find out more about where my origins in history are. This class has led me to think about my where my ancestors are from and what their beliefs and cultural practices were. I believe that by 2050, the minority groups will have grown so extensively that some may not
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Unformatted text preview: be considered minorities any more. The population of Asians, Hispanics, and blacks has grown tremendously in the last century and as it stands now, all three of these particular groups aren’t far from surpassing the white population in this country. I say this country specifically because I do not predict the same to occur anywhere else in the world. I think that educating people on different cultures and practices is one way to prepare citizens for change. A lot of the racial confusion and misidentifying of certain ethnicities comes from and under educated population. People cannot identify with particular races as much as their own because they don’t know enough about those races....
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