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ETH 125 Defining race and ethnicity

ETH 125 Defining race and ethnicity - I think that...

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To me the terms race and ethnicity are often thought to mean the same thing. The two are often used interchangeably, when actually they are different by definition. In simple terms, race is used to describe genetic heritage (including the color of one’s skin and traits associated with his or her heritage), whereas ethnicity is usually descriptive of one’s cultural background. For example, German is an ethnicity, not a race. African is an ethnicity, not a race, although some think that since one is African without seeing the person, this automatically makes them black, when in fact there are white Africans as well. Black and white are races, not ethnicities.
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Unformatted text preview: I think that different racial and ethnical groups are important to society in the United States because our society today is based on these diverse cultures and the aspects they bring to other races or ethnicities in this country. This premise goes back far beyond what we know and understand today. If it weren’t for the integration of different races and ethnicities certain pieces of history as we know it would not have been filled, thus eliminating many of the things we know and take for granted in the world we know today....
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