ETH 125 Ethnic Groups and Discrimination

ETH 125 Ethnic Groups and Discrimination - (1) Title:...

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(1) Title: Ethnic Groups and Discrimination Name: Jordan Miller Course: ETH 125 Due Date: Sunday, June 06, 2010 Instructor: Sheila Farr
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(2) Many generations ago, Hispanics explored and colonized more than half of the Earth’s surface, water and land. The majority of historians credit Spain for the exploration, discovery, and colonization of the western hemisphere. During the exploration and colonization of what we know as the United States of America, Hispanics established several hundred cities and towns throughout the country. Between 1492 and 1542 approximately 300,000 Spaniards immigrated to what was then called the new world. The integration of other new settlers, upon their own discovery of this land, the Europeans brought forth discrimination and prejudice of Native Americans and Hispanics alike. The Europeans wanted the land for themselves and, through forceful methods over hundreds of years, drove both previous ethnical groups to divide, dismantle, go into hiding, or relocate to smaller pre-determined locales. Over the next several hundred years, Hispanics suffered a similar fate as that of the Native American civilization. Discrimination and prejudice grew as the population of the European settlers grew in numbers, technology, and wealth. With such growth, came higher demand for land and properties which spawned more fighting and later brought more discriminatory acts
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ETH 125 Ethnic Groups and Discrimination - (1) Title:...

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