ETH 125 Hispanic American Diversity

ETH 125 Hispanic American Diversity - (1 Title Hispanic...

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(1) Title: Hispanic American Diversity Name: Jordan Miller Course: ETH 125 Due Date: Sunday, July 4 th , 2010 Instructor: Sheila Farr
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(2) Many people today have a particular mentality regarding Hispanics. Many people seem to think that all Hispanics are the same. This is not the case. There are in fact many different Hispanic cultures. This mentality is just like saying all white people are the same, all Asians are the same, and all blacks are the same. There are in fact several different Hispanic cultures. Some of these Hispanic groups include Mexican Americans, Cuban Americans, Colombian Americans, Dominican Americans, and Puerto Ricans. Each of these groups follows their own religious practices, cultural practices, social practices, and speak their own distinct dialect according to their particular region of nationality or heritage. Their language, however, may sound similar in some ways to other Hispanic speaking people, but they usually have particular differences, just as American and British citizens speak English, we each have certain differences in word choice or meanings of certain words. Mexican Americans have been in the United States for a very long time. They have gone from being known as migrant workers to the role of immigrants. Mexican Americans now make up the largest immigrant group in the country. According to a 2006 American Community survey, of the more than 28 million Hispanics in this country, 64% of them are Mexican American. Regarding Hispanics and their families, Hispanics are considerably more family oriented than many other ethnic groups or nationalities. The next largest Hispanic group that live in the United States are Puerto Ricans.
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ETH 125 Hispanic American Diversity - (1 Title Hispanic...

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