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ETH 125 Implicit Association Test

ETH 125 Implicit Association Test - successively I do not...

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I took the “Race” IAT test and my result was slightly preferable to the European – American race. I read that this test is based on response time and the result is based on that, but I do not understand how this test is supposed to be an accurate measurement of preferability. I do not think this test produced accurate results simply based on the timing of my answers rather than knowledge of good or bad and black or white people. In my opinion this test is totally pointless and inaccurate simply because it is on a timed basis. One may accidently push the wrong key in response after doing several of the same responses
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Unformatted text preview: successively. I do not think this is an accurate test at all as far as judging how an issue such as prejudice is measured. One other way sociologists calculate prejudice is from the Likert Scale. This is a test devised after asking a series of open ended questions that are formatted to test for prejudicial tendencies. I do not believe that prejudice can be measured effectively based on visual or verbal testing methods. I think that prejudice can only be found in physical or verbal actions....
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