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To answer the questions asked of me for this assignment, I must consider all nationalities of immigrants. I cannot answer such questions based on favoritism of one particular nationality or another. Unfortunately I do not believe that the United States government practices such consideration. I believe that our government does favor certain types of immigrants for certain reasons. Some reasons may be of a justifiable nature, but I believe that if our government is going to let some immigrants into this country, then others should get equal consideration without special circumstances being used as justification. Citizenship preference should not be given to one specific immigration applicant over others. To me, just because one immigrant may be needier than another based on specific circumstances, they are all needy in their own ways. If they weren’t they would not feel the need to leave their own country to come to ours to find what they need. Talent, oppression, and money do play their respective roles in the immigration application process unfortunately.
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Unformatted text preview: One person is more talented than another, but that other person is more oppressed than one with wealth. The applying immigrant with wealth is accepted before the one with talent. Which immigrant should be an exception to obtain legal status in this country? Denying one in favor of another is a form of oppression, so why should preference be acceptable? I believe that all immigrants applying for citizenship should be given the exact same treatment when being considered. Applicants from certain countries should not be given priority or special consideration. This goes back to preferential treatment being given to certain immigrants based on financial status, talent, or oppression. For arguments sake, terrorists come in all shades and varieties, not just stereotyped members of Arab nations. I believe that no favoritism should be shown for a citizen of one country over another simply for the sake of national security and morality....
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