ETH 125 Orientalism, Prejudice, and Discrimination

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Muslims and Arabs are often confused as being one and the same. This, in fact, is not always the case. Muslims are people who follow the religion of Islam where as Arabs are known as such by the land they dwell, but can choose to follow which ever religion they choose. Arabs speak Arabic where Muslims can speak any native tongue from anywhere in the world. The term Arab is a common generic term for any middle easterner. Arabs can be Muslim and Muslims can be Arabs. One policy change that the United States government has made concerning treatment of Arabs and Muslims in society within this country is racial profiling. Our federal government is now allowed to investigate anyone in the country without any evidence of wrongdoing. The matter of national security has increasingly been in the spotlight since the terrorist attacks on
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Unformatted text preview: September 11 th , 2001. This has opened the door to allow the FBI to consider race and ethnicity as enough cause to open an investigation if intelligence shows justification. Orientalism is something of a stereotypical nature referring to eastern culture usually by western media. Some of the characteristics of orientalism are religious extremism and being significantly stuck regarding technology, economy, and scientifically. Orientalism is usually received as a negative comment when referring to eastern cultures and societies. I think education of children and adults alike are ways to promote tolerance and reduce prejudice amongst citizens in this country. Just because someone is of Middle Eastern decent does not make them a terrorist. There are many terrorists of many races, nationalities, or ethnicities....
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