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SCI 275 Conservation and Preservation

SCI 275 Conservation and Preservation - I am not inclined...

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Conservation involves the careful management of the environment or substance by preventing any loss or change. Preservation is the activity of protecting something from any loss or damage through a process that saves substances from deterioration or damage. I do believe people can harvest forest resources in an environmentally friendly way depending on how it’s done. No, we are not responsible or "environmentally friendly" where old growth is concerned. We tend to destroy things that we can never repair, replace or rebuild. There are some areas of the country where you tend to have "skinny trees” other areas you have old growth forests that, when destroyed, tend to grow back differently and can never be "reforested" in any meaningful period of time no matter whether humans are there or not. A lot of times these are areas that are frequently burned by (natural) forest fires. Growth rates are generally rapid. You can go into these areas for pulp and paper production and do meaningful "reforestation".
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Unformatted text preview: I am not inclined to choose conservation or preservation specifically. I am for both because in my eyes they can work together and complement each other in performance of each action. I guess for the sake of choosing one or the other for this assignment, I would choose the method of conservation. Conservation of ecosystems and the species within them would help to maintain the natural balances disrupted by hundreds or thousands of years of human activity (Anup Shah, Global Issues, 2010). Nature conservancy protects Earth’s most important natural places – for you and future generations – through great science and smart partnerships (The Nature Conservancy, 2010). References: Shah, Anup. “Nature and Animal Conservation.” Global Issues , Updated: 13 Feb. 2010. Accessed: 29 May. 2010. < http://www.globalissues.org/article/177/nature-and-animal-conservation > References: http://www.nature.org/...
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SCI 275 Conservation and Preservation - I am not inclined...

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