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SCI 275 Local environment issues

SCI 275 Local environment issues - much more than an area...

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An environmental issues in the town that I live is the fact that there are two nuclear power plants in either direction of my home. One is less than a mile away from where I live and the other is a little less than two miles from me in the other direction. The significance of the environmental issues associated with this should be fairly obvious, but to elaborate on this a little, I must include the fact that I also live along the Ohio River and directly across the street from the town water treatment facility. The pollution in the Ohio River is horrendous and the water itself is absolutely filthy. I believe, but cannot prove that the quality of the local water can be attributed to the pollution these two nuclear facilities contribute to the water. Not only are these facilities polluting the water, but since both are so close to each other, they pollute the air
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Unformatted text preview: much more than an area with only one nuclear facility. It constantly smells really bad around here when the wind is blowing towards my home. I believe that these causes are not related to human values and environmental ethics because the pollution caused by these nuclear facilities is not a choice of human value. Nuclear facilities are necessary to produce energy to our communities so maintain daily functions and operations throughout the world. This fact causes me to question the issue of environmental ethics as they are related to this particular environmental problem. I believe that environmental ethics can be questionable considering the purpose of having a nuclear facility nearby....
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