PHY 317K HOMEWORK 3 - PHY 317K 1 Problem Set 3 (Due Feb....

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Unformatted text preview: PHY 317K 1 Problem Set 3 (Due Feb. 17, 2011) Feb. 3, 2011 Notice: The first quiz will be given during class hours on Thursday, Feb. 10, in PAI 2.48. The quiz will cover material through today’s lecture and that given in Chapters 1-5 of EUP . The exam is closed-book, but you are allowed to use a single 8 1/2” by 11” sheet of your notes and a calculator. Note that problems similar to those given in this problem set could be covered in the exam, even though this problem set is not due until the week after the quiz. Reading: Chapter 5 of Essential University Physics, Richard Wolfson, abbreviated below as EUP . Instructions: Show all your work. Put your name, date, name of this course, problem numbers, etc. on your paper. Staple loose sheets together. Strive for legibility–we have to be able to read it to grade it! A score of 4 points will be given for a mastery of the homework assignment–a clear understanding of the problems and methods of solution, including correct numerical answers. Three points are given for successful performance on a majority of the problems. Two points are given for serious attempt to find solutions of most of the problems. Fewer points will be given for marginal or unsatisfactory performance. One-half credit will be given for late homework, turned in less than one week beyond the deadline. Problem 3-1 EUP Problem 15, page 82. Problem 3-2 EUP Problem 18, page 82. Problem 3-3 EUP Problem 22, page 82. Problem 3-4 EUP Problem 25, page 82. PHY 317K Problem 3-5 EUP Problem 28, page 82. Problem 3-6 EUP Problem 29, page 82. Problem 3-7 EUP Problem 36, page 83. Problem 3-8 EUP Problem 37, page 83. Problem 3-9 EUP Problem 46, page 83. Problem 3-10 EUP Problem 50, page 83. Problem 3-11 EUP Problem 56, page 84. Problem 3-12 EUP Problem 60, page 84. 2 ...
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PHY 317K HOMEWORK 3 - PHY 317K 1 Problem Set 3 (Due Feb....

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