PHY 317K HOMEWORK 1 - We will hold optional problem...

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PHY 317K 1 Problem Set 1 (Due Jan. 27, 2011) Jan. 20, 2011 Reading: Chapters 1,2 of Essential University Physics , Richard Wolfson, abbrevi- ated below as EUP . Instructions: Show all your work. Put your name, date, name of this course, prob- lem numbers, etc. on your paper. Staple loose sheets together. Strive for legibility–we have to be able to read it to grade it! A score of 4 points will be given for a mastery of the homework assignment–a clear understanding of the problems and methods of solution, including correct numerical answers. Three points are given for successful performance on a majority of the problems. Two points are given for serious attempt to find solutions of most of the problems. Fewer points will be given for marginal or unsatisfactory performance. One-half credit will be given for late homework, turned in less than one week beyond the deadline. Notice: Optional Problem Discussion Sessions
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Unformatted text preview: We will hold optional problem discussion sections on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays in the following class-rooms: ENS 115 every Monday and Wednesday from 5-7 PM RLM 6.122 every Tuesday from 6-8 PM These discussion sessions will start next week, January 24. Problem 1-1 EUP Problem 13, page 10. Problem 1-2 EUP Problem 18, page 10. Problem 1-3 EUP Problem 20, page 10. Problem 1-4 EUP Problem 41, page 10. PHY 317K 2 Problem 1-5 EUP Problem 44, page 10. Additional question: What is the angular diameter of the sun or moon measured in degrees when viewed from earth? Problem 1-6 EUP Problem 51, page 11. Problem 1-7 EUP Problem 15, page 27. Problem 1-8 EUP Problem 21, page 27. Problem 1-9 EUP Problem 27, page 28. Problem 1-10 EUP Problem 42, page 28. Problem 1-11 EUP Problem 72, page 29. Problem 1-12 EUP Problem 82, page 30. Problem 1-13 EUP Problem 85, page 30....
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PHY 317K HOMEWORK 1 - We will hold optional problem...

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