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Spanish Beginners 2 Final Review Sheet

Spanish Beginners 2 Final Review Sheet - Final Review Sheet...

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CHAPTER 10 Preterite vs Imperfect Imperfect - Habitual/repeated action - Progres of a past action - Background details - InterruptED action - The backdrop (setup) of the “stage” CHAPTER 11 Hace + Time + que + verb present = I’ve been studying Spanish for a year. Past: ago – Hace + time + que + Preterite verb = I started studying Spanish a year ago Or – Verb preterite + hace + time = I started studying Spanish a year ago. Se describes the noun, and me,te,le describes the person. Se le olvidaron las llaves. He Forgot the keys. Por - By means of: Vamos POR avion (we’re going by plane). - Through, along: Me Gusta pasear por el parque. I like to stroll through the park. - During, in (time of day). Por la manana. - Because of, due to. Estoy nervoiso por la entervista. - For = in exchange for. - For the sake of, on behalf of. I’m doing it for you. Log hago por ti. - For duration: Vivieron alli por un ano. They lived ther for a year. Para - In order to+ infinitive: Para estudiar. - Destined for, to be given to: Todo esto es para ti. All this is for you. - By(deadline, specified time): Para manana, estudien…. For tomorrow study… - Toward, in the direction of. - To be used for. El dinero es para la matricula: The money is for the tuition. - As compared with others, in relation to. - In the employ of. Trabajan para el gobierno. CHAPTER 12 Tu informal commands - Negative Tu Commands o Use opposite vowel: No hables, no cantes, no comas: Don’t speak, sing, eat. o Object pronouns precede negative tu commands. No lo mires, No les escribas. Don’t look at him, don’t write to them. - Affirmative Tu Commands. o Same except for irregulars: Decir: Di Hacer: Haz ir: Ve poner: pon Salir: Sal Ser: se Tener: Ten Venir: Ven Object and reflexive pronouns follow commands, or are attached. Dile la verdad, Pontelos. Tell him the truth…Put them on.
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