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Exam 2 Study Guide - T erms: Scope local scope: a name...

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Terms: Scope local scope: a name declared within a block is accessible only within that block and blocks enclosed by it, and only after the point of declaration. global scope: is the outmost namespace scope of a program, in which objects, functions, types, and templates can be defined. From the place declared until the file ends. Loops(a control structure that causes a statement or statements to repeat) looping: (3 parts of a loop!) -set up a loop control variable (LCV) -set up a correct condition for the loop using the LCV (test the LCV) -change the value of the LCV inside the loop iterative loop a loop that executes a specified a specified number of times or over a specific range of values. sentinel-controlled loop a loop that continues until a specific data value is seen. loop-control variable is used to regulate the number of times the body of a program loop is executed; it’s incremented( or decremented when counting down) each time the loop body is executed. infinite loops, errors that can lead to an infinite loop a sequence of instructions in a computer program that is repeated over and over without end, due to a mistake in the programming. loop body
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Exam 2 Study Guide - T erms: Scope local scope: a name...

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