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Article 8: Mindfulness-Langer -all about mindlessness. Mindlessness: 3 types 1) trap by categories (old, young, male, female) constructs are no the absolute truth. what it means to be male or female 2) automatic behavior eg. bumping into mannequin. . and saying excuse me. experiment: ask if people can use the Xerox machine -even when there is a reason, and the reason does not make sense. Automatic behavior is that the person being asked will be more likely to allow the person to use it. 3) acting from a single perspective eg. following a recipe -example: borrowing a tissue, “Kleenix” as tissue. Roots of mindlessness: 1) repetition when we assume we can do something, but because we did it so much, we don’t
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Unformatted text preview: actually know how. eg. typing a password, when you think about it, you might not actually knw. 2) premature cognitive commitments (mere exposure effect) 3) belief that resources are limited: eg. believing that the 4 minute mile is impossible. Taking it for granted. When it is not the case 4) Education for outcome: entity. Scores rather than learning (outcome orientation) 5) Power of context. Eg. sad at funeral. Cost of mindlessness: -single minded narrow self image -loss of control-learned helplessness-stunted potential (being inflexible. Cognitive repetition. Some actions can be mindless. Therefore no growth in self-improvement)...
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