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Personality Psych Session 6

Personality Psych Session 6 - Personality Psych Session...

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Personality Psych Session 6 (FIX BELOW. PROTAXIC AND SYNTAXIC) Sullivan: Development stages in young children: there is a stage with no language, no idea, no basis upon how people make of the world (parataxic stage) Only parent or primary caregiver (the intimate person…caretaker) will understand their language/signs… -last stage of development..syntaxic stage.--conscious Acquired or beginning to acquire actual words. Symbol system (language, math..as a symbol). Help you designate classify information you are encountering. When you acquire language to name things… you are acquiring socially shared words. Parataxic is the immediate social surround. And so is syntaxic… immediate surrounding with other humans in the community (use the same language). Can share and exchange these words. Permits consensual validation. Allowing one to validate their understanding of reality with other people around you, not only with immediate close others. Semi common understanding of things in a basic communicative way.
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  • Spring '10
  • Validation, immediate social surround, designate classify information, socially shared words, Personality Psych Session

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