Personality � Session 3

Personality � Session 3 - Personality Session 3...

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Personality – Session 3 Biologically given and is inherited- the psychosexual drive. Bottom line resolution for the conflict for the boy- formation of the superego, general point is the tremendous amount of anxiety that is very physical that leads to this resolution. Identification with the aggressor Incorperte the notions with what it means to be a male. Not a castrated male. That process is the formation of the superego What occurs in girls. They go through something called the phallic stage Why is that the case. Think about this as the result of unconscious psychosexual urge Little girl looks down and sees her physical nature. At some point along the way, she becomes aware and sees that the little boy has a dick. The girl believes that she is deprived and ruined and not right with the world. And hes got this special deal. She feels penis envy . General point here is that there is a longing for this thing. Psychosexual wish to have a penis, and a sense of the unconscious and the harm that has already occurred to her due to its deprivation Occurring in a context where she is longing to posess her opposite sex parent. To posess him physically. Unconscious psychosexual drive to have sex with her father so she can take in his penis and have a penis of her own. That is her urge. To be impregnated by that person and have the fetus be a boy. A penis of her own, growing in her body and of her own offspring. Its in the contxt that she has formed an ego strong or week. She knows mom is more suitable, and bigger, she is already with him. She is a tiny little girl so it will not work. She grasps this and because of that is frightened about the tension and competition between her mother and her over them possessing father sexually. She is worried about any retribution her mother may take against her. Not castration
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Personality � Session 3 - Personality Session 3...

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