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personalityreading13depression - ” in which the patient...

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Depression Reading 13 Aaron t beck and Jeffrey young -the cognitive therapy for depression. Overview: Depression is most common presenting problem encountered by mental health professionals. Cognitive model of depression: Focus is on cognitive disturbances in depression. Reflected in the “cognitive triad of depression” where patients have a typically negative view of themselves and of their environment and future. 1) View the themselves as worthless, inadequate, unlovable and deficient 2) View the environment as overwhelming, presenting insuperable obstacles and cannot be overcome, continual result in failure or loss 3) View the future as hopeless and believe their own efforts will be insufficient tot change the unsatisfying course of their lives. Negative view of the future can also lead to suicidal ideation and actual attempts. Their distortions and interpretations of events show deviations from logical processes of normal people. They show “ arbitrary inference
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Unformatted text preview: ” in which the patient reaches a conclusion that is not justified by the available evidence. Other distortions include , all or nothing thinking, over generalization, selective abstraction and magnification. An important predisposing factor for patties with depression is the presence of early negative schemas. They learn to construct reality though their early experiences with the environment, and significant others. The early experiences in childhood lead them to accept attitudes and beliefs that are maladaptive. these negative schemas are usually out of awareness, remain dormant until a life event stimulates the schema. Once it is activated it categorizes, selects and encodes information in ways that the failure schema will be maintained. The focus on cognitive therapy is changing the depressive thinking. Through behavioral experiments, logical discourse, examination of evidence, problem solving, role-playing, imagery restructuring....
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