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11/29/2010 Beck’s Theory of Depression Self-schemas not necessarily always active Representation can be triggered by particular cues in the environment that lead representation to be active. ..which affects your emotional state representations available in memory but not necessarily cognitive accessible carrying around notions about yourself, but not influencing interpretations, emotions or emotional state What are the cues that evoke this particular set of mental representations? What happens when they are evoked? While you’re depressed (at that time), negative self-schemas are accessible/active/influential in judgments When you’re no longer depressed, depressive self-schemas should be inactive. however, just because they’re not active at the moment does not mean they have disappeared If you take people who were previously depressed, they should not show signs of depression. ..but show markers of depression (latent depressive/pessimistic self-schemas). Do remitted depressives still have vulnerability factors? Factors can be tapped again. ..leading to depression. Compare latent depressives with depressives Compare latent depressives with non-depressives How does cognitive treatment work? therapy: patient becomes aware of automatic negative thoughts (insults towards yourself). ..mindful of thoughts as they go through the patient’s mind however, insufficient b/c the more attention is paid to automatic
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tinasnotesnov29 - 11/29/2010 Becks Theory of Depression...

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