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Claude steele Self-affirmation theory : -there are lots of things about yourself that you are invested in. you can be invested in various domains. Not just in 1 domain. Eg. When you get bad grades, your sense of self as a academic (this domain) is threatened. -there may be other domains that are more important, thus you will protect and enhance another domain. -engaging in compensatory bolstering in a domain that has not been threatened -compensatory reinvestment, in which your self esteem will take a smaller hit if you can bolster the other domain. Relational self-relational identity Collective identity, social identity. Degree you identify with any given group -we don’t just have one identity group wise. We identitify with a few when you add both together, group identity + self affirmaiton new thory by claude steele concerns stereotype threat/vulnerability : because each one of us is identified with various groups, some of the groups that we belong to are stereotyped societally (expectations, ideas, associations) some are negative (not just in principle, stereotypes may have implications for specific domains. The stereotype may be that the group is bad at a specific domain. The societal concepts of those stereotypes and those beliefs (about the groups)….that knowledge is still stored in our memory bank. It can be activated and influence your automatic associations and judgments. a fact. . not in relation to clause steale. Eg. If you are an African American Placed in a testing situation (academic) Has some pressure associated with it. . “important you do well” Test of your capability in academics. Your stereotype is activated in the back of your mind negative stereotypes of yourself in that domain These people will experience “stereotype threat” . That sense of threat can have a disruptive effect on performance.
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personalynov17classnotes - Claude steele Self-affirmation...

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