Psychology session 8

Psychology session 8 - Psychology session 8...

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Psychology session 8 10/04/2010 P (expectancy-person has set of expectancy of the future) ideas in the mind Skinner against. ..explain behavior by observable factors What role does the person have in his/her own behavior? If you believe you cannot accomplish something, then you won’t be able to. at minimum, you will not even try e.g. public speaking even if you enter the situation, if you still believe you can’t. .. Self-Efficacy Expectation If you believe you can do the behavior, it increases the probability that you can actually Once you engage in the behavior, it strengthens the self-efficacy Treatment: try to change client’s behavior. ..although it may change a few times, if the client’s self-efficacy does not increase. ..there is no real change Cognitive Mediation must take into account P. ..cannot merely observe behavior <-> environment Bandura: one of Skinner’s claims is wrong (expectations/thoughts are not important in what you will do) your expectancies of the environment also matter e.g. don’t expect reward/reinforcement. ..create that negative environment Learned Helplessness: no matter what one does, one will not be able to control outcomes Outcome expectancy believe discriminations will hinder outcome Reciprocal Determinism: cognitive mediation matters actual environment can have impact on expectancies. ..perceptions influence actual environment increase self-efficacy x increase outcome-expectancy + outcome value (?) = stability behavioral change Outcome Value belief of outcome, despite changes in self-efficacy and outcome-expectancy
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Psychology session 8 - Psychology session 8...

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