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Psychology session 4

Psychology session 4 - Psychology session 4 Under and over...

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Psychology session 4 Under and over gratification can lead to: -Fixation --leads to regression. When something comes along that your ego cannot defend against, (pre determined—amount of drive u are born with), basically going to be born forever over and under gratified before you have a chance. Not all the time, when something super stressful happens. Approach current problem with ways you approach psychosexual problems. Adult acting like a baby, not actually regressing to the stage… but the way you handle things at that stage. - partial fixation ( -5, 0, +5) low level disturbance the drive you are born with. Partial fixation is around 2 or 3… either side. Negative or positive. Low level constant disturbance that categorizes personality. Revolves around the regression. Ego simply cannot depend againt. People will describe you in that certain way (eg that person is so anal) -the anal attitude happens ALL THE TIME. someone can be partiall fixated and fxated. Can only be at one stage. When you are fixated at a certain stage, you havnt fully navigated that stage. Biologically determined that you will go through every stage Presenece or absence in regression. Partial fixation… don’t need to regress FREUD “reality doesn’t matter” The amount of biological drive you are born with is predetermined.
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