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Unformatted text preview: Powerpoint Presentation Slide 1: Introduction, cognition chapter..15:memory Slide 2: the overgeneral memory defintion: inability to separate episode of their life… clumping things together and generalizing. Reason behind this is because they don’t want to go into specifics, it will trigger hurtful and unwanted memories. OGM affects thought process, top down processing… retrieve events, think about general before going into the points. OGM, … they don’t go into the index points (specifics) Slide 3: Evidence not substantial enough. Retrospective reports: only relying on the Participants memory which is apt to be scewed and distorted. It is also too subjective and they need more objective measures. Adults instead of Children, OGM, how it correlates to future psychological symptoms (Depression). They see depression and ogm correlation.. but they wernt able to see which caused which. Cannot be discerned.. because in adults, they already had depression....
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Psychology Powerpoint Presentation - Powerpoint...

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