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CF2SESH9 - He was creating something weird Page 40 act 2...

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Cultural foundations Session 9 Don’t use irrelevant information dont repeat words, synonyms without back up next week: globe theatre . 3pm southbank USE MORE DETAILS look specifically at renbrants the night watch THE TEMPEST: Incorporates magic, Masque in the Elizabethan times, symbolic theatre. Eg. The queen symbolizes England. And the dancers dances around in a circle, all the aritstocrats act on behalf of everyone else Like peafent, mardi gras, masque ball..but not like it..… pantomine. Everyone acting symbolically Modern theatre is only here for about 40 years. Shakspehere knows that theatre is a weird activity
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Unformatted text preview: He was creating something weird Page 40, act 2 scene 2 What is real and what is not real What is caiban? ; World of south America, world of west indies. . since Columbus. Is caliban the rightful owner? Not just a salve Catholic ideas… fish Catholics eat fish on Friday Pg 64-65 propsperos speech A play directed as a play No meaning in the world. . Religion is only for social --- The poem by prosperous. “we are as dreams are made on. .” we are stuck in the play. Long sleep. Full circle sleep. . the globe. Sleep and not death Questions: where are we going, whats our substance, whas our origin?...
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