tacitus - Bring in quotes A question that gives us a chance...

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Bring in quotes A question that gives us a chance to say something on where we have been (roman villa) lullingstone Forgotten about piece Not industrial Tactus: Roman center Came into a senate at a period with emperors Started with augustus (considered a reasonably good + firm emperor) Tacitus then becomes a senator under the mission (ghastly character) Background of tacitus own relationship with the guy in charge Tacitus was agricolas son in law . married agricolas daughter Agricola had a son who died when he was in seria Most of the story is about when he was the governor of Britons Britain (name made of by the romans) Languagae of the oppressed is completely silent No real language that comes out of the world of the oppressed. For 400 years. Briton had no written language. No writing in the celtic language. The written language was latin, the lanuage that conquered is latin. Britain was divided into several tribes South of England. Bc 53-54 Julius ceaser, turned up to see if it was worth invading. . and decided not to 90 years before roman return. Britain was not significant to them. But they retrned because brtiain had good rescources, gold, silver, war dogs Britons were known for a long time Southern tribes were use to romans. Aware of them. (france) anywhere south of London was already pretty roman Buying things from roman, used coins Most tribes used money often Ancint britains lives spread out over the land The thing romans brought to England which was unusal and adopted was the idea of a city – colonia. But a wall around it, ampitheatre. Early Britain was like a colonized after country. Italians came with different tribes etc. . black soldiers, arab soldiers, germans Turned up with armies 30 thousand strong. Ocasiaonlly beaten. Ancient britains gets beaten because they wernt organized. They were beaten by the romans (war machine)
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Romans loved empire building. Building empire was glorious. The greeks thought their Athenian/sparta empire was quiet small. Alexander the great expands the emprie. Fluid and his emprie dies out when he dies (lasted about 2 yrs) Rome empire stays put for a thousand years. Conquers from perisa across Africa, spain, goul, Romania. . everywhere. They stay put. They bread a different type of person, bread a hero that was a ministrator. Tacitus was a burecrat and a senator. He comes to England, conquers England and has to rule England. Doesn’t use slaves and free men. He rules cautiously. (unlike the beaucrats before him). Thus tacitus is a hero as a ministrator. (IDEA OF DIFFERENT HEROS) Builds the emprie up due to someone else. AD 43, then AD48 london was built. No evidence that London existed before. Except
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tacitus - Bring in quotes A question that gives us a chance...

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