StAugustine - St Augustine Notes Logic applies to prove his...

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St. Augustine Notes Logic applies to prove his point Logic creates proof Theology >philopshy for st Augustine Attempt to try an understand how the system he believes in works Sphere wisdom With early Christian writers, whatever they did before they turned christain, everything they did was filthy, and disgusting Language of extravagance is rhetorical Highest form of learning, persuasion. The ability to tell them logically what to do. Analytical philosphers Story line: 4 th century, came from a place that is a little tiny town came from an area close to carthage born to a father that was a non believe (pagen) and a Christian mother (Catholic) Catholic church says they were the only one that exist (although they were the only/main roman church) Thus Roman Catholic church. They had a bishop in rome. Emperors The emperors and bishops would use religion as an organizing political form Most romans were a mixture of paganism. .etc different forms of Christianity Took a long time for the bible to be put together. Use to be fluid and everywhere(4 th century to 10 th century) At Augustine was born a maniche Taught the message to Greece. By the time he took it to Greece. There were churchs everywhere, that spread everywhere. None of them have met the original Christ. They had different stories etc. and different opinions. At. Augustin’s dad is still a pagen
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Father had an affair Father is pagen in thought and deed Mother is a convert from an earlier period (she is a catholic) And shes alcoholic She is more significant than the dad because she is Christian. She is saved, dad is saved Something to do with the ucrist (when jesus says take the body and take the wine) She is banned (bishop ambrosio says she musnt do this anymore) Earlier times, people did not know what Christian view was
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StAugustine - St Augustine Notes Logic applies to prove his...

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