SF2SESH4 - Social foundations session 4 Las casas Spanish...

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Social foundations session 4 Las casas: Spanish priest, belong to st francis, he first came to the indies and the island os Espanola He saw the maltreatment of natives and to some parts of puru He came back to spain He did a lot of trips from span to new world. He published his first book like in 1534. And he wrote 2 books, one is history and short account of instruction of the indies. Play by play the gruesome account fo what Spaniards did to the Indians, a lot of the issues wee Christian issues “treat people the way you want to be treated” . He goes back to spain to talk to rhe king, he thinks the king would definatley nto allow this. Short account addressed to the next king. He is tying to inform. What bothers las casa is the chrisian thing and the mass murder Difficulty of trying to justify colonial enterprise, even when the Spanish kings thoughts are fine. But sending people to colonize a place so far away, with no control of the people. They know that the king did not authorize the violence, but the king knows there is no control in these sorts of colonial enterprises. Innocence of natives people, and European soverigns and colonial enterprise. Everything done with good intention, but people on the groun betrayed. Went there to stop mass murder, sotp canabalism and spread christinatiy. Start with good intetnisons but degenerated. These enterprises always lead to enormous stealing of European resources, (people who would go all the way to do this, are probably less civilized). There is definatley no control and will get land for themselves. This could not have been forseen for the king. But it is utterly predictable. A bunch of thugs like to terrorize. Movie: Werner Herog Agura Wrath of God The worl dbeyong new world. No formal government, just tribes… running around killing each other. That was why Europeans felt they were entitles to conquer. Las casas says: “they are noble savages” . they are entitles to fightback but they don’t
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SF2SESH4 - Social foundations session 4 Las casas Spanish...

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