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Social Foundations study

Social Foundations study - Sex with woman reproduction...

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Social Foundations study: The fragility of Goodness, Nussbaum: Trust in the uncertain Tragedy only happens when you try to live well When you try to live well and deeply care about the things you try to do, world ends in a particulary painful way Value of moral life Antigone/Sophlecles Plato the republic book 5 Aristotle’s politics book 2 chapter 1-5, book 3 chapter 1-4 M. Walzer Sphere of justice Discussion on platos point on how family causes chaos and problems in the society. Thus people should not have private ownership Waltzer says that family is a threat to loyalty, love is scarce that family distributes unequally (love one child over other). Romantic love.. because of cheating leads people away form family. And also leads to no freedom, because of responsibility to be with family. Love threatens individuality. Nussbaum sex and social justice Sex with males – pleasureable and sacred
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Unformatted text preview: Sex with woman- reproduction Plato’s symposium Aristotle Ethics Books 1,2,7,8,10 A.Macintyre ethics and politics J. Shklar Ordinary vices chapter 6 You don’t need to be a good person to be a good citizen Good citizen- obey the law Good person- virtuous Should we put laws on being a good person? But if we do… then won’t people get not be virtuous cuz its not by choice -government putting laws limits what we can do, therefore it destroys our opportunity to improve bad characters promote free government j. coleman “Christian political though at the end of the roman empire” Augstine city of god d. keown Buddhist Ethics and Buddhism B. Schwartz, the world of though in Ancient china Confuscious The analects The tao te ching Don’t form attachments, just appreciate Looking at stuff from the outside Lead by example...
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