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Weekly Assignment due Friday, January 21 There is no weekly activity due for the first week of our semester so as to gradually phase into our regular routine. The first activity is due by Friday, January 21. All assignments and exams should be turned in before the end of the day of their due dates. For our first activity post on our class website a one or two-paragraph introduction of yourself and explain why you are taking this class. Full participation will receive full credit. I have posted my intro as an example. On our
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Unformatted text preview: Laulima class homepage: 1. Discussion 2. In the View box choose Column Layout 2. Class Discussions (you may need to click on the arrowheads to see drop down lists). 3. Weekly Activity due Friday, January 21. 4. Reread the instructions and my and other student postings. 5. Reply to Topic button (you may need to scroll down the screen to see it). 6. Enter a Reply Title and your posting in the main Message text box. 7. Add Reply button....
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