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1 utrivet p 145 t wykes p 36 ypod neust p 459

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Unformatted text preview: story of England, vol. 1 [NOTE [R]]Madox, in his Baronia Anglica, cap. 14. tells us, That in the 30th of Henry II. thirty-three cows and two bulls cost but eight pounds seven shillings, money of that age; 500 sheep, twenty-two pounds ten shillings, or about ten pence three farthings per sheep; sixty-six oxen, eighteen pounds three shillings; fifteen breeding mares, two pounds twelve shillings and six-pence; and twenty-two hogs, one pound two shillings. Commodities seem then to have been about ten times cheaper than at present; all except the sheep, probably on account of the value of the fleece. The same author in his Formulare Anglicanum, p. 17. says, That in the 10th year of Richard I. mention is made of ten per cent. paid for money: But the Jews frequently exacted much higher interest. [b]M. Paris, p. 109, 134. Trivet, p. 127. Ann. Waverl. p. 165. Hoveden, p. 774. [c]Hoveden, p. 765. Diceto, p. 691. Neubrig. p. 492, 493. [d]Gervase, p. 1551. [e]Hoveden, p. 677. M. Paris, p. 112. Chron. de Dunst. p. 43. Rymer, vol. 1. p. 66, 68. Bened. Abb. p. 619. [f]Hoveden, p. 791. Trivet, p. 138. [g]Hoveden, p. 792. M. Paris, p. 137. M. West. p. 263. Knyghton, p. 2414. [h]Hoveden, p. 793. M. Paris, p. 137. [i]Rymer, vol. i. p. 114. Hoveden, p. 794. M. Paris, p. 138. [k]Hoveden, p. 795. [l]Norman. Duchesnii, p. 1055. Rymer, vol. i. p. 117, 118, 119. Hoveden, p. 814. Chron. Dunst. vol. i. p. 47. [m]Annal. Burton, p. 2621. [n]Ibid. [o]Philipp. lib. 6. [p]Trivet, p. 142. [q]Ann. Waverl. p. 167. M. West. p. 264. [r]Ann. Marg. p. 213. M. West. p. 264. [s]M. West. p. 264. [t]Ibid. PLL v5 (generated January 22, 2010) 378 http://oll.libertyfund.org/title/695 Online Library of Liberty: The History of England, vol. 1 [u]Trivet, p. 145. T. Wykes, p. 36. Ypod. Neust. p. 459. [w]W. Heming. p. 455. M. West. p. 264. Knyghton, p. 2420. [x]M. Paris, p. 146. M. West. p. 266 [y]M. Paris, p. 146. M. West. p. 264. [z]Trivet, p. 144. Gul. Britto, lib. 7. Ann. Waverl. p. 168. [a]Trivet, p. 147. Ypod. Neust. p. 459. [b]Trivet, p. 149. [c]M. Paris, p. 146. M. West, p. 265. [d]Rymer, vol. i. p. 141. [e]Rymer, vol. i. p. 119. [f]M. Paris, p. 148. M. West. p. 266. [g]Ibid. B [h]M. West. p. 266. [i]M. Paris, p. 149. M. West. p. 266. [k]M. Paris, p. 155. Chron. de Mailr. p. 182. [l]M. Paris, p. 155. Ann. Waverl. p. 169. W. Heming. p. 553. Knyghton, p. 2415. [m]Rymer, vol. i. p. 139. M. Paris, p. 155. [n]Rymer, vol. i. p. 143. [o]M. Paris, p. 156. Trivet, p. 151. Ann. Waverl. p. 169. [p]M. Paris, p. 157. [q]M. Paris, p. 157. [r]Ibid. [s]Ibid. Trivet, p. 152. Ann. Waverl. p. 170. M. West. p. 268. [t]Chron. Dunst. vol. i. p. 51. [u]Ann. Waverl. p. 170. PLL v5 (generated January 22, 2010) 379 http://oll.libertyfund.org/title/695 Online Library of Liberty: The History of England, vol. 1 [w]M. Paris, p. 158. Ann. Waverl. p. 170. [x]Padre Paolo, Hist. Conc. Trid. lib. 1. [y]W. Heming. p. 556. Ypod. Neust. p. 460. Knyghton, p. 2420. [z]M. West. p. 268. [a]M. Paris, p. 160. Trivet, 154. M. West. p....
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