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Langeford at ferm the pll v5 generated january 22

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Unformatted text preview: ary of Liberty: The History of England, vol. 1 [d]Madox’s Hist. of Exch. p. 305. [e]Id. p. 325. [f]Id. p. 326. [g]Id. ibid. [h]Id. p. 320. [i]Id. p. 326. [k]Id. p. 327, 329. [l]Id. p. 329. [m]Madox’s Hist. of Exch. p. 330. [n]Id. p. 332. [o]Id. ibid. [p]Id. p. 333. [q]Id. ibid. [r]Id. p. 342. Pro habenda amica sua & filiis, &c. [s]Id. p. 352. [t]Id. ibid. Ut rex taceret de uxore Henrici Pinel. [u]We shall gratify the reader’s curiosity by subjoining a few more instances from Madox, p. 332. Hugh Oisel was to give the king two robes of a good green colour, to have the king’s letters patent to the merchants of Flanders with a request to render him 1000 marks, which he lost in Flanders. The abbot of Hyde paid thirty marks, to have the king’s letters of request to the archbishop of Canterbury, to remove certain monks that were against the abbot. Roger de Trihanton paid twenty marks and a palfrey, to have the king’s request to Richard de Umfreville to give him his sister to wife, and to the sister that she would accept of him for a husband: William de Cheveringworth paid five marks, to have the king’s letter to the abbot of Perfore, to let him enjoy peaceably his tythes as formerly; Matthew de Hereford, clerk, paid ten marks for a letter of request to the bishop of Landaff, to let him enjoy peaceably his church of Schenfrith; Andrew Neulun gave three Flemish caps, for the king’s request to the prior of Chikesand, for performance of an agreement made between them; Henry de Fontibus gave a Lombardy horse of value, to have the king’s request to Henry Fitz-Hervey, that he would give him his daughter to wife: Roger, son of Nicholas, promised all the lampreys he could get, to have the king’s request to earl William Mareshal, that he would grant him the manor of Langeford at Ferm. The PLL v5 (generated January 22, 2010) 387 http://oll.libertyfund.org/title/695 Online Library of Liberty: The History of England, vol. 1 burgesses of Glocester promised 300 lampreys, that they might not be distrained to find the prisoners of Poictou with necessaries, unless they pleased. Id. p. 352. Jordan, son of Reginald, paid twenty marks to have the king’s request to William Paniel, that he would grant him the land of Mill Nierenuit, and the custody of his heirs; and if Jordan obtained the same, he was to pay the twenty marks, otherwise not. Id. p. 333. [w]Madox’s Hist. of Exch. p. 359. [x]Bened. Abb. p. 180...
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