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Nicol ad wilkins p 11 mll burgund cap 45 ll lomb

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Unformatted text preview: ed to pay the master of a slave or vassal a sum as a compensation for his loss. This was called the Manbote. See Spell. Gloss. in verb. Fredum, Manbot. [h]The addition of these last words in Italics appears necessary from what follows in the same law. [i]LL. Aelfr. § 28. Wilkins, p. 43. [k]LL. Inae, § 9. [l]LL. Edm. § 1. Wilkins, p. 73. [m]LL. Edm. § 3. [n]LL. Edm. § 2. [o]LL. Edm. § 4. [p]LL. Edm. § 7. [q]Tit. 63. [r]Wilkins, p. 71, 72. [s]LL. Elthredi, apud Wilkins, p. 110. [t]Tyrrel introduct. vol. i. p. 126. Carte, vol. i. p. 366. [u]Lindenbrogius, passim. [w]Tac. de mor. Germ. PLL v5 (generated January 22, 2010) 349 http://oll.libertyfund.org/title/695 Online Library of Liberty: The History of England, vol. 1 [x]LL. Aelf. § 12. Wilkins, p. 29. It is probable, that by wilful murder Alfred means a treacherous murder, committed by one who has no declared feud with another. [y]LL. Aelf. § 4. Wilkins, p. 35. [z]LL. Aelf. § 40. See also LL. Ethelb. § 34, & c. [a]LL. Ethelb. § 32. [b]Exod. cap. xxi. 29, 30. [c]LL. Aethelst. § 12. [d]LL. Aethelst. § 10, 12. LL. Edg. apud Wilkins, p. 80. LL. Ethelredi, § 4 apud Wilkins, p. 103. Hloth. & Eadm. § 16. LL. Canut. § 22. [e]LL. Inae, § 12. [f]LL. Inae, § 37. [g]LL. Aethelst. § 2. Wilkins, p. 63. [h]LL. Ethelredi, apud Wilkins, p. 110. LL. Aelf. § 4. Wilkins, p. 35. [i]LL. Hloth. & Eadm. § 12, 13. LL. Ethelr. apud Wilkins, p. 117. [k]Sometimes the laws fixed easy general rules for weighing the credibility of witnesses. A man whose life was estimated at 120 shillings counterbalanced six ceorles, each of whose lives was only valued at twenty shillings, and his oath was esteemed equivalent to that of all the six. See Wilkins, p. 72. [l]Praef. Nicol. ad Wilkins, p. 11. [m]LL. Burgund. cap. 45. LL. Lomb. lib. 2. tit. 55. cap. 34. [n]LL. Longob. lib. 2. tit. 55. cap. 23. apud Lindenb. p. 661. [o]See Desfontaines and Beaumanoir. [p]LL. Frison. tit. 14. apud Lindenbrogium, p. 496. [q]Du Gange in verb. Crux. [r]Spellm. in verb. Ordeal. Parker, p. 155. Lindenbrog, p. 1299. [s]LL. Inae, § 77. [t]Sometimes the person accused walked barefoot over red hot iron. PLL v5 (generated January 22, 2010) 350 http://oll.libertyfund.org/title/695 Online Library of Liberty: The History of England, vol. 1 [u]Spellman in verb. Ordealium. [w]Spellm. in verb. Corsned. Parker, p. 156. Text. Roffens. p. 33. [x]On the death of an alderman, a greater or lesser thane, there was a payment made to the king of his best arms; and this was called his heriot: But this was not of the nature of a relief. See Spellm. of tenures, p. 2. The value of this heriot was fixed by Canute’s laws, § 69. [y]Bracton de Acqu. rer. domin. lib. 2. cap. 16. See more fully Spellman of feuds and tenures, and Craigius dejure feud. lib. 1. dieg. 7. [z]Spellm. Conc. vol. i. p. 256. [a]Inae, § 51. [b]Spellm. of feuds and tenures, p. 17. [c]Spellm. Conc. vol. i. p. 195. [d]Spellm. Conc. vol. i. p. 340. [e]Chron. Sax. p. 128. [f]LL. Edw. Con. § 12. [g]LL. Aelf. § 40. [h...
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