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Unformatted text preview: 6. [m]M. Paris, p. 91. Chron. Dunst. p. 36. Hoveden, p. 545. M. West. p. 251. Diceto, p. 584. Brompton, p. 1103. Rymer, vol. i. p. 39. Liber Niger Scaccarii, p. 36. [n]Bened. Abb. p. 113. [o]Some Scotch historians pretend, that William paid, besides, 100,000 pounds of ransom, which is quite incredible. The ransom of Richard I, who, besides England, possessed so many rich territories in France, was only 150,000 marks, and yet was levied with great difficulty. Indeed, two thirds of it only could be paid before his deliverance. [p]Bened. Abb. p. 132. Hoveden, p 549. [q]Seld. Spicileg. ad Eadm. p. 204. [r]Bened. Abb. p. 132. [s]Glanv. lib. ii. cap. 7. [t]Hoveden, p. 590. [u]Benedict. Abbas, p. 202. Diceto, p. 585. [w]Bened. Abb. p. 305. Annal. Waverl. p. 161. [x]Petri Blessen. epist. 73. apud Bibl. Patr. tom. xxiv. p. 992. [y]Chron. Gervase, p. 1433. [z]Diceto, p. 592. Chron Gervase, p. 1433. [a]Bened. Abb. p. 248. It was usual for the kings of England, after the conquest of Ireland, to summon barons and members of that country to the English parliament. Molineux’s case of Ireland, p. 64, 65, 66. [b]Spelman even doubts whether the law were not also extended to England. If it were not, it could only be because Henry did not choose it. For his authority was greater in that kingdom than in his transmarine dominions. PLL v5 (generated January 22, 2010) 373 http://oll.libertyfund.org/title/695 Online Library of Liberty: The History of England, vol. 1 [c]Bened. Abb. p. 437, &c. [d]Ypod. Neust. p. 451. Bened. Abb. p. 383. Diceto, p. 617. [e]Bened. Abb. p. 393. Hoveden, p. 621. Trivet, vol. i. p. 84. [f]Neubrig, p. 422. [g]Bened. Abb. p. 451. Chron. Gervase, p. 1480. [h]M. Paris, p. 100. [i]Bened. Abb. p. 531. [k]Neubrig. p. 435. Heming. p. 512. [l]Bened. Abb. p. 498. [m]Petri Blessen. epist. 112. [n]Bened. Abb. p. 508. [o]Ibid. p. 517, 532. [p]Ibid. p. 519. [q]Bened. Abb. p. 521. Hoveden, p. 652 [r]Brompton, p. 1149. Neubrig. p. 437. [s]M. Paris, p. 104. Bened. Abb. p. 542. Hoveden, p. 652. [t]M. Paris, p. 104. [u]M. Paris, p. 105. Bened. Abb. p. 543. Hoveden, p. 652. [w]M. Paris, p. 106. Bened. Abb. p. 545. Hoveden, p. 653. [x]Hoveden, p. 654. [y]Bened. Abb. p. 541. [z]Hoveden, p. 654. [a]Bened. Abb. p. 547. Brompton, p. 1151. [b]M. Paris, p. 107. [c]Petri Bles. epist. 46, 47, in Bibliotheca Patrum, vol. xxiv. p. 985, 986, &c. Girald. Camb. p. 783, &c. PLL v5 (generated January 22, 2010) 374 http://oll.libertyfund.org/title/695 Online Library of Liberty: The History of England, vol. 1 [d]Bened. Abb. p. 196. [e]Bened. Abb. p. 197, 198. [f]Observations on the ancient Statutes, p. 216. [g]Rymer, vol. iv. p. 43. Bened. Abb. p. 172. Diceto, p. 597. Brompton, p. 1120. [h]Rymer, vol. i. p. 36. [i]Madox, p. 435, 436, 437, 438. [k]Tyrrel, vol. ii. p. 466, from the records. [l]Bened. Abb. p. 138, 139. Brompton, p. 1109. Chron. Gerv. p. 1433. Neubrig. p. 413. [m]Gir. Camb. cap. 5. in Anglia Sacra, vol. ii. [n]Diceto, p. 616. [o]Hoveden, p. 655. Bened. Abb. p. 5...
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