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The address and telephone number for the ASLC is the Cedar Building Room 222 Laurelton, PA 10100 (215) 555-0902 Food Drive This Thanksgiving, the Associated Students of Laurel College is sponsoring a food drive for the local community. All college clubs are invited to participate. Results will be adjusted for club membership by measuring the results in pounds for food per member. Three kinds or food are acceptable: canned goods,
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Unformatted text preview: non-perishable dry goods, and boxed or canned dry drink mixes, such as a coffee, tea, or lemonade. To participate, a club must following this procedure: fill out a competition form, collect the goods, and then turn the food in on November 13. abdda0f06ed64bda796a7c0b5b2b948a7f7edf4e...
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