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4B_Planning_Memo - L E H UA HAWA I IA N A DV E N T U R ES...

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LEHUA HAWAIIAN ADVENTURES M E M O TO: All Tour Guides FROM: Carl Kawaoka, Tour Operations Manager DATE: January 3, 2016 RE: Company Planning Session PLEASE REVIEW THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION IN PREPARATION FOR OUR MEETING ON JANUARY 12 AT 3:00 P.M. Last year was very successful for Lehua Hawaiian Adventures. Profits increased by 8 percent. Most of our tours easily filled in advance; however, several were less popular last year. In this planning session, we must evaluate the popularity of all tours that we offer and determine how many of each type to schedule in the coming year. Air tours—seaplanes and helicopters—decreased in popularity. Land tours, primarily biking and hiking, remained the same as last year. The greatest increase in interest is in tours that combine several experiences, such as biking, hiking, sailing, and snorkeling over a multi-day span. Customers
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